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Zoo in Italy La Torbiera

Zoo in Italy: Faunistic Park “La Torbiera”

Summer. Hot. A typical day of July in Italy. And since staying indoors is no way to explore the country and discover new places to visit, we decided to go see the Faunistic Park La Torbiera. Although not your typical…

Airport Hacks

Top 11 Airport Hacks for Easy Travel

Looking for some practical airport hacks for your next flight? Whether you’re getting ready for your next city break, a well deserved vacation or a last minute trip, knowing how to skip the hassle at the airport always comes in…

promenade nervi genoa italy

One Day in Nervi, Genoa, Italy

Nervi is a town located in the Metropolitan City of Genoa, in the region of Liguria, Italy. It is a popular tourist destination known for its beautiful coastline and cliffs, as well as its cultural and historical attractions. Find out more ...
Tower of Pisa

Italy: What to Do in Pisa in one Day

Looking to visit Pisa in one day? Seeing how Pisa is quite a small city, visiting it in one day is definitely possible. The city is beautiful and has much to offer. Needless to say Pisa makes for a perfect destination…

Travel Packing Tips

Light Travel Packing Tips and Tricks

When planning a summer trip, whether long or short, packing light is the perfect way to travel. And when it comes to light travel packing tips, there are myriad ways you can “optimize” your luggage in order to carry on…