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Podestà Palace

Italy: Castell’Arquato

After a tiresome and rewarding (especially for daughter) visit to Leolandia, our friend decided we should keep a low profile for a day, so that we can recover. And yet, the weather was spectacular (there’s something about Italian spring that…

Italy: Grazzano Visconti

Italy: Grazzano Visconti

“I know you like old stuff, so I’ll take you to see a medieval village nearby” my friend Adi told me the second day we spent in Italy with my 3 year old daughter. A year has passed and we…

Italy - Castello di Rivalta, Piacenza

Italy: Castello di Rivalta (Castle of Rivalta)

Sunday. After a pleasant day at the beach, in Peschiera del Garda (on Lake Garda), we decided to stay indoors and rest. But the plan changed in the morning, at 10, after 2 hours since being awake. We were quite…