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Discovering Alberobello

Today, I’ll take you back to Apulia but this time to the outback to discover Alberobello and its trullos. A village that, notwithstanding tourism, has managed to keep a lot of its magic with its characteristic buildings, the trullos, that stand out with their peaky roofs, and with the many local traditions. It’s probably because …

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North Island New Zealand

New Zealand is famed for its spectacular landscapes, pristine beaches and relaxed city living but with so much on offer it can be tough to construct your itinerary. From areas of geothermal activity and active volcanoes, to picturesque peninsulas and the sandy beaches of the tropical north there is something on offer to suit every …

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Italy, Le cascate di Monticelli Brusati

Italy: Le Cascate di Monticelli Brusati (The Monticelli Brusati Waterfall)

‘What about a mountain hiking trip?’, my friend Adi proposed and I glazed over. ‘Hon, you realize my daughter is just 4, right? There’s no way she’d be able to survive such a trip’, I responded, ready to comment on how people who are still childless don’t know what’s suitable for a small kid. ‘The …

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USA: Atlanta Cyclorama

We have an inside joke in our family, regarding the US history. Of course, theirs is shorter than ours, as Europeans, but they do one thing damn well: they promote their history well and know how to make lots of money. I always said that, Americans could take a simple stone Washington sat on before …

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Podestà Palace

Italy: Castell’Arquato

After a tiresome and rewarding (especially for daughter) visit to Leolandia, our friend decided we should keep a low profile for a day, so that we can recover. And yet, the weather was spectacular (there’s something about Italian spring that makes you want to wander all day long), so we drove for half an hour …

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