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Italy, Le cascate di Monticelli Brusati

Italy: Le Cascate di Monticelli Brusati (The Monticelli Brusati Waterfall)

‘What about a mountain hiking trip?’, my friend Adi proposed and I glazed over. ‘Hon, you realize my daughter is just 4, right? There’s no...
Zoo in Italy La Torbiera

Zoo in Italy: Faunistic Park “La Torbiera”

Summer. Hot. A typical day of July in Italy. And since staying indoors is no way to explore the country and discover new places...
Ohlsdorf Cemetery Hamburg

Ohlsdorf Cemetery – A Different Kind of Park in Hamburg, Germany

It was a beautiful day in Hamburg. And if you've ever visited Northern Germany, you'd know how that rarely happens! But since I had...

Italy, Cascate del Perino: Quick Guide to Visit the Perino Waterfalls

They say the Perino Waterfalls are the most beautiful in the Emilia Romagna region, in Northern Italy. And if you love hiking and enjoy...
New York Museum of Sex

USA: New York Museum of Sex

New York Museum of Sex, one of the attractions that impressed me the least, but still an interesting one to visit.
Flushing Meadows - Corona Park - New York City

USA: Flushing Meadows – Corona Park in New York

New York attraction, especially if you love tennis. Flushing Meadows - Corona Park has a lot to offer, so make sure to mark it down in your itinerary.

USA: Atlanta Cyclorama

We have an inside joke in our family, regarding the US history. Of course, theirs is shorter than ours, as Europeans, but they do...
Airport Hacks

Top 11 Airport Hacks for Easy Travel

Looking for some practical airport hacks for your next flight? Whether you're getting ready for your next city break, a well deserved vacation or a...
Hamburg Chocoversum Chocolate Museum

Chocoversum – The Chocolate Museum in Hamburg, Germany

Have you ever been to a chocolate museum? The "Chocoversum" chocolate museum is one of the most interesting attractions in Hamburg! Hamburg is a stunningly...
Oasi di Sant'Alessio American Flamingo

Oasi di Sant’Alessio, a Faunistic Park in Northern Italy

If you're visiting Italy and are looking for a less touristy place to see, you should stop by the faunistic park, Oasi di Sant'Alessio. Situated...