Thangasseri Beach Kollam

Thangasseri beach is one of the many attractive beaches of Kerala and the vestiges of the colonial era make it even more attractive. This small seaside town, which witnessed the change of power from the hands of Portuguese to Dutch to British, remained a silent Anglo-Indian settlement for many years post independence.

As with all the beaches of Kollam, Thangasseri beach is also lined with natural beauty where the blue sea kisses the silver sand amidst a lineup of green palm groves. The beach is always bustling with visitors from across India. While some prefer to bask in the beauty of the beach by sun-bathing, there are others who prefer adventure sports. Parasailing, scuba diving, wind surfing, deep sea fishing and catamaran riding are most famous with the tourists.

While in Thangasseri Kollam beaches, you can enjoy absolute serenity and can be as close to nature as you can. Just a stroll along the 3 km beach is in itself a lifetime experience to treasure. You can just relax along the coastline while the serene waves roll up and kiss your feet – the best way to relieve stress from the hustles of city life.

The historical monuments in and around Thangasseri Kollam beaches are also a favorite with the visitors to this “Gold Village”. The historical churches, fort and a lighthouse are a must-see when you are in Thangasseri beach. The ruins of the Thangasseri fort speak volumes of its glorious past. The 18th century churches just leave you in awe with the splendid architectural grandeur. The 144 feet tall lighthouse operational since 1902 and stands tall across the beach guiding lost seamen to the shores. The lighthouse is open for public for two hours from 3.30 pm to 5.30 pm and provides a fantastic view of the Thangasseri beach – the sea, sand and the palm groves.

Trivandrum (71 kms) is the nearest airport while Kollam (5 kms) is the nearest railhead to reach Thangasseri beach. Thangasseri is also well-connected by road from various parts of Kerala up to Kollam and there are many taxi services available, which take the tourists to one of the most breathtaking beaches of Kollam.

Thangasseri is also the best destination to shop for exotic items made of sea-shells, coir, coconut shell, bamboo and wood. The Thangasseri Kollam beaches offer best of the accommodations with hotels ranging from budget to 5-star. Aroma therapies, spa and Ayurvedic massages are some of the facilities offered by the hotels to their guests. Authentic Kerala cuisine, both veg and non-veg is very famous with those who like to tinge with their taste buds.

Beaches of Kollam are one of the oldest ports for trading cashews across the Malabar Coast to the international markets. This is one of the reasons for the prominence of Thangasseri beach even during the Portuguese era.