Marari Beach Kerala

Marari Beach India is one of the traditional fishing villages of Kerala, which is a beautiful recreation of the ancient way of life as it was a century ago. This little known Marari beach Mararikulam along the Malabar coastline is the perfect getaway to explore the wonders of Kerala backwaters and beach at the same time. The lush green palm groves and swaying coconut groves along the beach give it a pristine look etching a wonderful feeling in the memories of the visitors.

In fact, Marari beach Kerala is so pristine and untouched by the so-called aspects of tourism development, that it still leaves a rustic and authentic feel in the mind of a traveler. This also makes Marari beach one of such very few beaches in India, which is clean and completely safe for swimming.

The swaying palm groves along the coastline laced with silver sand makes for a mesmerizing holiday with beautiful scenery where tranquility and seclusion is at the best guaranteeing a memorable experience and relaxing time-away from the hustles.

The major attractions of Marari beach Kerala is its local charm, the mood of the sea, the culture of the people and true Keralite hospitality. Even today, the men of the village go out for fishing to earn a daily wage. One of the other engaging activities in Marari beach is a visit to the coir-making unit, which is the only option other than fishing to earn a living in this small pristine village in the backwaters of Kerala.

A trip to Marari beach is never complete without having a taste of the tangy fish curry cooked in the earthenware pots using the wood fire. The fish curry is seasonal based on the variety of fish caught on the particular day. Another favorite delicacy to taste is the fisherman’s fish curry which is cooked in clay pots and severed on traditional banana leaf.

The nearest airport is the Cochin airport (85 kms), while Mararikulam is the nearest railhead. Marari beach India is well connected by road network with other prominent cities of Kerala through NH47 and is only 11 kms from Alappuzha (Alleppey) town. Small boats and bus services are available in Mararikulam for exploring the locations around Marari beach and Alleppey. Marari beach India is an eco-friendly location and the best coastal hideaway in the Indian sub-continent.

Marari beach Mararikulam is warm throughout the year and the best time to visit is during September to January, when the weather is pleasant with cool breeze. The summers are extremely humid while the monsoons could be a little messy.

The latest attraction in this otherwise sleepy town is Marari beach resort, Mararikulam, an exotic Ayurveda resort offering an array of ayurveda therapies. A cruise on a luxury boat on the backwaters at Mararikulam would leave one asking for more.