Juhu Beach Mumbai

A casual search on the Internet for the term “Juhu Beach” may return with thousands of results and the majority may be something negative write ups. The recent ship wrecks at the Mumbai Juhu beach and the foreigner’s horrible experience at the beach and the dirt/ litter on the shore throbbing the blogs and may piss off a novice traveler.

But the writer has been to the Juhu Beach Mumbai and is sure that there is some truth in these blogs. But one fails to observe the rich history behind this beach and the awesome environment that this very beach creates. Juhu Beach Mumbai is located away from the busy Mumbai city and is sure to lift the mood of a tired workaholic.

Especially after 6 PM, the Juhu beach India gives a spectacular view to the visitors. Irrespective of the time, the Juhu beach is always crowded with at least 100 people waiting to enjoy the black waves rising in the backdrop of a sun setting down. Even after 11.30 PM one can see the vendors still working and families relaxing.

The chaats and pani poori along the Juhu beach Mumbai and the ice gola (a stick with crushed ice dipped into sugar juices) are the all time favourite.

The Juhu Beach India is located within 10 kms distance from the Chaptrapthi Shivaji Terminus, Dadar station and Andheri or even a 5 minutes walk to a nearby bus stop. So reaching there is never a problem. A foreigner on the Juhu beach will be more than the centre of attraction as he will be surrounded by people asking to click pictures for them or have the foreigner in their photograph or at least show their muscles in the background of a photo.

One can also take photographs here or have them clicked for a life time memory. Earlier, there were camel rides, horse rides and small merry-go-around for kids to entertain themselves. Sometimes the locals here are pissed off with the mad traffic that takes them about one hour which otherwise would take 5 minutes drive. The beach crowd is also very high that lets a regular visitor to wonder if the beach has any sand at all??? On the top of a rift, stands a magnificent statue which looks at the beach and wonders what the crowd there is all about?? Some people there at the beach also show off their petty magic tricks to earn some extra bucks.

Recently the life saver was set up at Mumbai Juhu beach where the expert swimmers keep an eye on the people taking a dip in the beach and run to their aid if something untoward happens. It is first of its kind in India and many other beaches are yet to follow suit. A picnic time on a sunny Sunday for a family, a hang out place for a group of teenagers and a secluded place for cozy couple- none other than the Juhu Beach Mumbai.