Gopalpur Sea Beach Orissa

The concept of Incredible India is being inculcated amongst tourists both Indian and foreign alike. The tour packages are really incredible. The beach vacation packages are especially awesome with online booking facility and vary from company to company as to the package, fare and duration of the holiday. Gopalpur beach is one such beach location that needs special mention amongst all other tourist spots in Orissa. The green palms and the blue sea is very inviting to a tired body. Every tourist returns rejoiced by heart and cherishable memories from here.

Located at about 170 kms from the capital city of Bhubaneswar, Gopalpur beach on sea is a small beach along the banks of Bay of Bengal. The National Highway5 provides the best roadway transport. One can hire a cab or a bud from the Berhampur. A drive of about 2-3 hours willtake you to Bhubaneshwar airport from the Gopalpur on sea.

The weather is almost uniform throughout the year as even summer note a temperature of 35-23 degrees and the winters are moderate with temperature ranging from 27-16 degrees which is not a quite big difference. October to April is the best time to visit this beach. The tourists are warned to be careful while on the beach as the dangerous water currents might wash you away. The beach is otherwise a clean and tidy as the maintenance is taken care of very meticulously.

The legend has it that the beach got its name from the temple of Lord Krishna (Gopala). During the Kalinga dynasty rule and the British Raj in India, the beach was one of the important trading centres which are evident from the huge warehouses and godowns available there.

Gopalpur sea beach Orissa is perfect place to enjoy your vacation which takes you away from the hustle of busy life and lets you drift to a total different world of surfing, yachting and adventures. The natural beauty of the place lies in admiring the aqua sports while on a boat cruise. The backwater lagoons of this beach provide an excellent platform for an excursion trip along with the wild life sanctuary near Chilka Lake.

The “taptapani”(Tapta in Hindi means boiling and pani stands for water) is a hot water sulphur spring which is another attraction at 67 kms from Gopalpur beach on sea.

Apart from the Gopalpur Beach, one can also visit the Dhawaleshwar temple of Lord Shiva which is very near to the Gopalpur Sea beach Orissa. The orange orchards and the night time light houses provide a picture perfect holiday.

The beach brings with its excellent and fresh sea food to try out in the Orissa style cuisines. The seashells, local handicrafts and some gift items are the main shopping attraction here. Tourists are usually advised to carry cotton clothes apart from sun glasses and hats while on a vacation to Gopalpur on sea.