Dona Paula Beach Goa

The name Dona Paula itself gives an indication that it is the name of an English Lady. So one may wonder how come a beach in India came to be named after an English Lady. The legend has it that Dona Paula was the daughter of a viceroy during British Raj in India and she was refused to marry Gasper Dias, her lover who was a fisherman. Therefore, out of desperation, she threw herself off the cliff of this beach and thereafter, the beach came to be known as Dona Paula Beach.

Locals there believe that the soul of Dona Paula still haunts this beach and can be seen in the rising waves at nights. This mysterious past, attracts many tourists. The romantic touch of the Goa Dona Paula beach is specifically attractive given its location. The Dona Paula beach Goa separates the Mormugao Harbour and the Zuari river and hence, one can have a bird’s eye view of both these places from this beach.

One can have a relaxing time on the shores of Dona Paula beach, have a tan and sunbathe apart from going for water scooting and boating. This scenic natural beauty is located at about 7 kms from the capital city Panjim making it feasible for people looking for fun filled activities. This lover’s paradise as it is called by many is the best tourist attraction spot for surfing, diving, floating, swimming and many other water based activities.

Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary, a place for many species of birds and animals, is closely located to the beach. The Beach also houses the Governor’s official residence on its westernmost tip. One can also visit the small ruins of the military cemetery built by British men along the main road of the beach.

The Goa Dona Paula Beach shacks and the local market is a must visit tourist attraction. The local market offers variety of merchandise right from imitation jewelry to bargain-able swim wear.

One can easily hire a private cab or rickshaw to reach this beach from Panjim and bathe in the romantic splendor of the beach and digest the tradition and heritage of Goa. A game at the nearby casino and the generosity shown by the locals here make the journey to Dona Paula beach a memorable and comfortable trip. Not only the Dona Paula Beach Goa, one can also visit the nearby churches here that are well known the world over and return back to the beach to have the night life in full zeal.