Bandhavgarh National Park

While the Kanha National Park is the most popular wildlife park in Madhya Pradesh, you may also like to visit Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh National Park is smaller in area but has a very high tiger density. This densely forested region has around 50 tigers whose roar often pierces the darkness and silence of the night.

A quick glance at the statistics reveals that the park is spread over 450 sq km and is situated at a height of 800 m above sea level. The summer temperatures can peak at 42 degree Celsius while the winters can dip to the extreme at 2 degrees. So, the best time to visit Bandhavgarh would be somewhere in the spring time or towards the summer season.

Bandhavgarh National Park India sits over the Vindhyanchal mountains and also has a few water bodies. Hence, you can expect a lot of activities near them since birds and beasts both quench their thirst at these sites. Plus, the salubrious climate plays a perfect host to some migratory birds during the winter. Birds like the egrets and kingfishers can be spotted throughout the year. They do make for a pleasant sight to the eye. Even eagles and vultures enjoy an indisputable presence, though they mostly prefer to reign over the sky.

Main attractions of Bandhavgarh National Park: As in most Indian parks, the top attraction is the tiger out here as well. Besides, you may even keep an eye out for the white tiger (some say they still exist here). Herbivores like deer, chital, Nilgai and boar are littered almost at every nook and corner. But if you love your carnivores, then the foxes and jackals are always round the corner. Ideally, you should tour the forest on an elephant back.

How to reach Bandhavgarh National Park: The forest lies in Madhya Pradesh in a secluded region. The nearest main town is Jabalpur which is around 4 hours’ drive away. So, if you are planning to fly in, then your best option would be to catch a flight to Jabalpur and then hire a cab/car from there.

In case there is no direct flight available from your city or if you intend to travel by train, then the best option would be to book a ticket till Umaria. It is the closest railway station and just 40 minutes of drive away from the park.

Best time to visit: February-June

Trivia: It is in Bandhavgarh that the white tigers were first sighted. But that was many decades ago, and there have been no recent sightings. It is not known whether the park still houses a white tiger on the sly!