Anjuna Beach Goa

Anjuna is a small village in the suburbs of Goa and is famous for its party culture and the local attractions. The Anjuna beach is well known as the freak centre for the tourists across the globe. It is believed that the Anjuna is one of the 12 Brahmin towns in North Goa.

The Goa Anjuna Beach gives a unique picturesque view with the whitened sand and the water washed rocks in red colour. The trance parties and Hippies’ culture make the beach a creative spot for spiritual traditions of the East and the musical entertainment of the West. The freak centre is basically a market place to shop for local jewelries, handicrafts collection from Kashmir, bags, clothes, electronic goods, fruits and all other petty items. This is held once in a week on Wednesday and sometimes on Saturdays also, especially during Xmas or holiday seasons. Bargain is the best thing in this market as one can bargain and get the best quality at reasonable prices.

The Goa Anjuna beach was unknown till late 1960’s and it was discovered mainly to laze around during the summer season. One experiences a trance when they attend the full-moon parties and the Wednesday flea market of the Anjuna Beach Goa. The calm waters of the Arabian sea that take laps softly along the shores of the Anjuna beach add to the world famous Anjuna beats radio show. The Goan band originated here and over the years impressed its audience with numerous beats and albums dedicated to Anjuna Beach Goa India.

As one goes further, they come across the famous chapel of St Michaels that dates back to the year 1595, which was built in commemoration of S Miguel. The chapels here are devoted to Nossa Senhora P Saude, S. Antonio and Nossa Senhora p Piedade.

Coming to the food varieties, the vacationers here prefer to have exclusive Goan food, the sea food. The nightspots, bars and coffee lounges offer seas foods along with the local alholica drink “feni”. The Anjuna Beach Goa India thus enjoys a damp weather throughout the year giving a relaxing and lazy mood to the vacationers.

The weather of the Anjuna Beach Goa is considered good for a sun bath and a relaxing tan under the sun which is preferred mostly by foreign tourists.

One can reach the Kadamba Bus stop and take a local bus to reach the Anjuna Beach Goa within 10 minutes or even take a auto-rickshaw which is pretty expensive. Not only the Anjuna Beach Goa, but other beaches in Goa are equally splendid and a God’s gift.